Tent Washing & Repair

NOTE: This is a service for tent rental companies – not individuals looking to rent a tent

Tent Washing

Chase Canopy is proud to offer you our tent washing services. We have the first facility of it’s kind in the Northeast to be designed from the ground up for the sole purpose of cleaning tents and sails and features, heated floors, humidity control and high ceilings for drying vinyl, and a state-of-the-art tent washing machine. By having our own tent washing facility, Chase Canopy tents are guaranteed to be the whitest and cleanest tents every time.

Here at Chase Canopy, we understand and share the concerns of most tent renters–to meet and exceed customers’ expectations. One of the biggest concerns customers have is to rent the most attractive equipment possible. We are thrilled to provide this service and hope you will share our enthusiasm as you and your customers enjoy the cleanest tents and sidewalls.  In addition to washing tents, we can wash your Sails, Bounce Rides, Tarps & Drop Cloths.

For the cleanest and whitest tents and sails in the area, please contact our office at 800-649-2055 or send e-mail to: mark@chasecanopy.com

Tent Repair

Chase Canopy, LLC offers non-structural repairs to your fabric inventory to keep it in top shape. We have a dedicated area & personnel to evaluate & repair holes, rips, tears, gashes, etc on any tent, sidewall, inflatable object, etc. Please call for details.

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