It IS easy being green!!

Chase Canopy, LLC is proud to announce that in celebration of Earth Day 2011 we are going green with our newest energy initiative!

In 1979 Chase Canopy, LLC was started by brothers Daniel & Andrew Chase, in the 33 years since we have grown into a full service event & party rental operation.  Daniel explains that as the recession began we were very keen on cutting costs and began searching for ways to cut our energy bills. Being New England’s exclusive tent and sail washing facility; our energy requirements are high, even in the middle of winter.

In 2010 the state of Massachusetts became one of the eight states to offer a Solar Renewable Energy Credit program (SREC). This program, along with a rebate program offered by the federal government made it feasible for us to install on the roof of our tent washing warehouse a 65kw, 280-panel solar array that will completely cover our energy load, plus generate a little extra.

Solar Panels

Solar Panels on Roof








Dan goes on to say “When I looked at the numbers proposed to us by local solar installer Munro Solar & Distribution Company, I thought ‘This is a win-win situation!’”.  The installation will have paid for itself in 4.5 years and has an expected lifetime of 25 years. The project will have a positive cash flow from day one. Not only are we going green, we are going “off the grid” altogether! The excess power we will generate using the new solar installation has to be purchased by our local electrical provider. Over the life of the installation we will have eliminated over 1,200 tons of greenhouse gases, the equivalent of driving a hummer 1.5 million miles, or the fuel consumed by flying an airplane around the world 93 times. We are very excited by the idea of helping the environment, slashing our carbon footprint, and helping to control costs.

Click on this link to see how much electricity we are actually generating…….It’s amazing!!!!!

And away we go!!!!!

Dan Chase

Dan Chase

Andrew Chase

Andrew Chase

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