Dinner under the stars

This event was quite unique whereas the property had not even been cleared yet, so on my initial site visit, I was a little surprised when the potential client walked me into the woods. She proceeded to tell me that this was the location where they wanted to hold the dinner tent & went on to explain to me the look she wanted to achieve.

From there, we measured out the size of the tent we thought would work best for them. Knowing that the land had not been landscaped, I knew we would be able to create the best possible surface for tenting regardless of the weather because we were able to crown the land so as no water would cause an issue. We wanted to keep certain trees to accommodate the cleartop tent she wanted, so as to create the feeling of having a canopy of trees to dine under with a huge open air feel.

The look was accomplished this with the use of uplighting in strategically placed areas, which you can see by the picture, made a beautiful and long remembered event for their daughter.

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